Federation of Public Listed Companies Bhd

YBhg. Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Hj Megat Najmuddin 
Bin Dato’ Seri Dr. Hj Megat Khas

President's Message

"A winner never condescends, but lifts those around to a higher mentality. In this vein, I hope that the Federation of Public  Listed Companies (FPLC) will be able to play its part to lift our members towards greater heights in its professionalism and competitiveness towards world class listed companies". We look forward to focus on the end results and refuse to be intimidated by the past that held us back and the future uncertainty in the marketplace amidst global challenges. Probably the adage that adversity is breeding ground for miracles is now put to test for each of us in the corporate arena be it as captains of industry or new players in the corporate landscape. I am glad to inform FPLC members that we are now in panel of important dialogues that deal with issues affecting FPLC members. We are now not only in working groups for the Malaysia Accounting Standards Board (MASB), Bursa Malaysia Berhad (BMB) and Securities Commission (SC), we are also in dialogues with many other regulatory bodies as seen on our consultative participations page. The Federation has also identified and organized many  programmes in the form of conferences, seminars and webinars as in Continuous Professional Development programmes and networking events in line with our mission statement - "To Boost Professionalism And Competitiveness of Malaysian Listed Companies Towards World Class Listed Companies" and to facilitate FPLC members towards achieving that direction. FPLC's presence is stronger than ever today compared to yesteryears. We have to thank all our members who have been with us through this journey without which we would not be where we are today. I am glad that FPLC members have won many national awards, and FPLC proudly celebrates and profile their achievements. By belonging to an industry group and giving your support to FPLC, we hope to continuously serve you better.