Federation of Public Listed Companies Bhd

Membership Eligibility

Any public listed company listed on Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange as defined under the Securities Act 1983 shall be eligible to apply.

Ordinary Membership-Any public company listed on Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange as defined under the Securities Industry Act 1983 shall be eligible to be an Ordinary Member. 

Affiliate Membership-Any public company incorporated in Malaysia which is not listed on a Stock Exchange as defined under the Securities Industry Act 1983 may be admitted to the Federation as an Affiliate Member.

  • Our members are regularly updated on significant changes to legislations and regulations affecting Public Listed Companies in Malaysia. 
  • We challenge regulatory & professional bodies on matters that impact the PLCs.
  • We participate in dialogues with Securities Commission & Bursa Malaysia to raise concerns of PLCs where policy matters are deliberated. Ongoing consultations are being held with various divisions of SC & Bursa Malaysia on matters of concern especially Corporate Governance framework, changes to Listing Requirements, etc...
  • We are in the working groups of Malaysian Accounting Standards Board (MASB) and regularly update our members on amendments to IFRS/MFRS.
  • We promote the development of continuous professional learning in PLCs through exclusive discounts given to FPLC members in training & development in our conferences & seminars in order to enhance competitiveness of Malaysian Public Listed Companies towards world class standards of Listed Companies. 
  • We regularly conduct free webinars for our members on industry and regulatory updates.
  • We serve as a platform to discuss and address industry level issues with regulatory authorities and private sector bodies to ensure that our members' voice is heard on industry related issues.
  • Our members are regularly invited to comment on exposure drafts in working groups that we participate in. Members concern can then be channelled through us for our onward transmission to the respective professional and regulatory bodies that we work closely with.
  • We facilitate networking for our members through our annual social and educational events. Members can participate in these events to network amongst themselves & take the opportunity to gain their businesses.

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